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Excellent Overseas Marketing

With trust and reliability as a foundation, we have been operating with 200 promising business partners in 30 countries all over the world.

Insurance Related Services

For customers who wants to avail of insurance coverages, Elpis Global will guides the customers avail insurance coverages from prominent domestic non-life insurance companies.

Various Packing Service

Elpis Global has guided the clients to various packing service suitable for the type and quality of cargo for the purpose of preventing breakages or damages during transportation. By forwarding the products your products to your buyer at perfect condition you can experience the excellence of our service.

Safety Measures through Cargo Compensation Liability Insurance

Elpis Global has subscribed to Cargo Compensation Liability Insurance for the whole cargo and undergoes the approval of a an inspection company in order to protect the valuable cargo of the customer.

General Transportation Collective System through One Stop System

We have introduced and executed general U.S.A.-type transportation system which is faster than other companies, thus have provided the competitive edge through the stabilized service, cost reduction and time saving which gives the benefits to the consignee.

Trading Documents Preparation and Customer Assistance

Elpis Global is composed of energetic and well experienced in every field which has provided excellent services to our customer from document preparation up to negotiation, by understanding what customers really need.